Article 21

Centralisation of reporting of major ICT-related incidents

TL;DR This article outlines the preparation of a joint report assessing the feasibility and benefits of creating a single EU hub for ICT-related incident reporting. This report will explore ways to reduce associated costs and improve supervisory convergence. The report must include information on prerequisites, benefits, risks, technical arrangements, and financial costs. This report will be submitted to the Commission, European Parliament, and the Council by 17 January 2025.
  1. The ESAsEuropean Supervisory Authority, through the Joint Committeethe committee referred to in Article 54 of Regulations (EU) No 1093/2010, (EU) No 1094/2010 and (EU) No 1095/2010, and in consultation with the ECB and ENISA, shall prepare a joint report assessing the feasibility of further centralisation of incident reporting through the establishment of a single EU Hub for major ICT-related incidentan ICT-related incident that has a high adverse impact on the network and information systems that support critical or important functions of the financial entity reporting by financial entitiesas defined in Article 2, points (a) to (t). The joint report shall explore ways to facilitate the flow of ICT-related incidenta single event or a series of linked events unplanned by the financial entity that compromises the security of the network and information systems, and have an adverse impact on the availability, authenticity, integrity or confidentiality of data, or on the services provided by the financial entity reporting, reduce associated costs and underpin thematic analyses with a view to enhancing supervisory convergence.

  2. The joint report referred to in paragraph 1 shall comprise at least the following elements:

    1. prerequisites for the establishment of a single EU Hub;

    2. benefits, limitations and risks, including risks associated with the high concentration of sensitive information;

    3. the necessary capability to ensure interoperability with regard to other relevant reporting schemes;

    4. elements of operational management;

    5. conditions of membership;

    6. technical arrangements for financial entitiesas defined in Article 2, points (a) to (t) and national competent authoritiesas defined in Article 46 to access the single EU Hub;

    7. a preliminary assessment of financial costs incurred by setting-up the operational platform supporting the single EU Hub, including the requisite expertise.

  3. The ESAsEuropean Supervisory Authority shall submit the report referred to in the paragraph 1 to the Commission, the European Parliament and to the Council by 17 January 2025.